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What We Offer

WildTrips Africa exist to offer you a very personal, tailor-made service, Semi luxury and luxury safaris using staff experience, knowledge and contacts to make the most suitable recommendations for you.

About WildTrips Africa

When you set out an adventure, “you have no idea of what is in the store for you, but u will if you are wise and know the art of travel, let yourself go on the stream of the unknown and accept whatever comes.. For this reason your customary thoughts.. Everything, in fact, which belongs to your everyday life, is merely a hindrance.. but if you discard all this, and sally forth with a leisurely and blank mind, there is no knowing what may not happen”. “The Journey Echos 1963” These words illuminate why we need to escape our everyday life for there are places out there of unsurpassed beauty filled with pure radiant wildness. Places where time fits into no molds, and the stresses and strains of the world fall away. Places where creatures, uninhibited and thriving, live in the glory of perfect oneness with their world.

Whether a traveller, beach lover, in need of a honey moon white beach or bush, a hiking expet, wildlife photographer, you surely need a partner not just any partner but someone to rely on saving you from the stress of planning and giving you a confidence for an unforgettable safari with a maximum flexibility with effective insightful communication.

This is a reason why WildTrips Africa exist to offer you a very personal, tailor-made service, Semi luxury and luxury safaris using staff experience, knowledge and contacts to make the most suitable recommendations for you, listening carefully to your recommendations and  likes, dislikes and ‘appetite’ for adventure and making your needs comes true.! We are proud in creating the most exquisite custom-tailored safari for individuals, couples, and groups of friends, volunteers, students and families by crafting an adventure to remember in your life time.

Discover the thrill of new comfort zone and the challenges that you might not otherwise have tried.TRAVEL WITH A PURPOSE.


Our WildTrips Africa Team

Our expertise lies in sourcing specialized people in the field, professionally run, and locations in Africa, to create personalized holidays for our clients depending on your needs. We favor the more remote, unusual, friendly and relaxed locations, which still have the real feel of old Africa and do not cater for large numbers. We put a great deal of effort into your holiday because word of mouth is our best advertisement.


His love for nature and wildlife has been motivated by the environment he was raised, Lotta is a wildlife professional with an extensive knowledge of 9 years now. He holds a masters of science in Integrated Environmental Management and a degree in Geography and Environmental science. He also holds a college diploma in Wildlife management. He worked in several discipline including Teaching in several secondary schools and later on doing what he likes best “Nature and Wildlife Protection”. He has written several writing on conservation of wildlife especially lion that he doesn’t see them roaming anymore around his home fields through a Lion Guardian Approach that is now practiced in Tarangire.

This love of Nature made him Partner in founding WildTrips Africa as a part of Tourism in relation to People livelihoods in and around the parks and the welfare of wildlife. He believes in the fact that “ business on Tourism should be responsible in supporting conservation efforts”


With an extensive knowledge of wildlife for more than 20 years of professionalism, Sam was born and spent his early life in North Tanzania in a mid of the Northern Safari circuit. To the south of his home is Tarangire National park and partly in North it is Manyara National Park. Because of the Nature and the Terrain of Tarangire-Manyara Migration zone, Manyara, Tarangire-Selela-Natron animal corridor, he had never missed seeing an animal for a Single day. the memory that he remembers in childhood is “One day, I picked up two Leopard Cubs, and because of the beauty they had, I immediately thought of my mum struggle at home because of rats, so the two cats.. leopard cubs but I didn’t know, would help her.. it was hard taking them home and my mum couldn’t believe her eyes.. the night was hard for the whole family as no one slept because a Mum.. Leopard came for the cubs”.

Sam graduated from a wildlife college and undergone several trainings on wildlife management, guiding and ant poaching. He worked in more than ten companies as driver guide in the northern safari circuit before going to work as an anti poaching officer in coastal/southern circuit. Currently he works as a freelance Tour Guide, a member of Professional field tour guides and A Trainer and Consultant of the National College of Tourism-Dar es Salaam and a senior guide of Zanzibar, Selou, Ruaha, Saadani and Katavi for WildTrips Africa.

He says “Don’t Miss our Trip, it’s the one you had never had”.


Born and raised in the Northern Safari circuit, he obtained a college Diploma in Wildlife as it was his passion and Auto Technic training as a professional guide to be able to deal with any emergency in the wild. He knows every angle of Tanzania and he can take you to where you have never been. With an experience of more than 15 years, he started his tourism carrier in a wildlife hotel before switching to guiding. He have worked with several companies and for now he works as a Senior Guide for WildTrips Africa.

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